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2021年11月6日 SORW参加企画講演会"Sushi before Sushi, Umami before Umami"

講演タイトル:Sushi Before Sushi, Umami Before Umami: The Hidden (Fermented) History of Japanese Food

講師:Professor Eric C. Rath

Sushi’s appearance in US grocery stores, usually coated in sauces, demonstrates how a simple dish evolves as it globalizes. But sushi was a much different recipe 1,200 years ago when it was first mentioned in Japanese records. Studying this “ancient” fermented sushi enriches our understanding of the culinary past and offers new taste profiles for the future. 

Eric C. Rath is a professor of history at the University of Kansas, where he teaches courses on food history and premodern Japan. A specialist in traditional Japanese foodways, his books include Food and Fantasy in Early Modern Japan (University of California Press, 2010), Japan’s Cuisines: Food, Place and Identity (Reaktion Books, 2016), and Oishii: The History of Sushi (Reaktion Books, 2021). He is a member of the Gastronomica editorial collective and is currently writing a history of sake.


November 6. 2021 / From 10 am (JPN time)


Registration required

Lecture and Q & A in English


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