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“The Girls are Here,” Hip Hop film showing and discussion with Dr. Natalia Koutsougera

Dr. Natalia Koutsougera,

Department of Social Anthropology Panteion University, ICC Visiting Fellow


April 26 (Fri) From 17:30 - 19:00

Room 301, 3F, Building 10, Sophia University

In person only / No registration required

This is a presentation of the anthropologist and cinematographer Dr. Natalia Koutsougera about hip hop and street dance femininities in Greece based on her ethnographic film The Girls are Here (2015). The film explores ways transnational hip hop, street and other urban dance styles are appropriated and performed by two female dancers in contemporary Greece. The film unravels aspects and perceptions of their femininity and gender identity in a male-dominated and competitive hip hop dance scene and probes the role that hip hop and street dance plays in the production of sisterhood, affective community, and team spirit. The film’s duration is 45 minutes. An introductory presentation will open the event and a Q&A will follow after the screening of the film.

Natalia Koutsougera is an anthropologist working at the intersection of anthropology of dance and youth cultures, visual anthropology, and gender studies. She has produced two documentaries on hip hop and street dance styles in Greece (Born to Break 2011, The Girls are Here 2015) and she is now implementing her new audiovisual venture on femininities, hip hop and ballroom dance styles (Girls Wanna Just Dance 2024).  She is Adjunct Lecturer in the Department of Social Anthropology at Panteion University Athens where she teaches anthropology of dance and anthropology of youth cultures.

FLYER Download: Click HERE


This talk is organized by David H Slater (Professor of Anthropology, Sophia University).


Sophia University ICC:


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