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Globalization, Food and Social Identities in the Pacific Region

(Re-issued Collection 2020)


The Institute of Comparative Culture announces the publication of the online paper collection Globalization, Food and Social Identities in the Pacific Region. James Farrer (editor). Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture: Tokyo.


This online collection was based on the Symposium with the same title held on Feb. 21-22, 2009 at Sophia, funded by The Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan Academic Research Promotion Fund. The project continues as the Globalization and Food Project of the Institute of Comparative Culture.


Special Lecture Series: Vulnerable Populations in Japan under Covid-19 Booklet” with talk abstracts, links to articles and videos


Special Issue and Discussions
Vulnerable Populations in Japan under Covid-19: A lull in the storm 

The series of articles were published in The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus as a first effort to capture the on-the-ground effects of the Covid-19 in Japan. 

Here is a Special Discussion Series, sponsored by Sophia University, Institute of Comparative Culture and hosted by David H. Slater. In this Special Lecture Series, we discuss the published articles with the authors, look behind the scenes of the writing of the article and give an update on the lives of those most deeply affected by the corona virus in Japan. 

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