ICC Collaborative Research Projects (Research Units)

The primary mission of the Institute of Comparative Culture is to promote collaborative research by its members. Every year we solicit proposals for collaborate research units from ICC members who plan research projects involving at least two ICC members. The Institute provides funds for research activities, such as data collection, analysis, publications and workshops organized by research unit members, sometimes together with external collaborators. Projects may be for one year or multiple years. Because of the limited resources of the ICC, projects leaders are expected to apply for external funding to sustain multi-year projects. Although we expect all projects to eventually lead to publication in academic journals or books, we also provide limited support for publication directly through the ICC webpage.

Global Japanese Cuisine Project:

Culinary Mobilities and Urban Place Making

Lead Investigator: James Farrer



Lead Investigator: Bettina Gramlich-Oka


Lead Investigator: David H. Slater


Lead Investigator: Sven Saaler


Heisei Becomes History:

Critical Reflections on a Period and Periodization

Lead Investigator: Noriko Murai


Lead Investigator: Angela Yiu


Lead Investigator: Christian Hess

2013 ~ 2018