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Network Studies (2010- )

Lead Investigator: Bettina Gramlich-Oka (*4065;

Members of this research group include scholars from Tokyo and vicinity, such as Linda Grove, Thomas Harper, Kate Wildman Nakai, Gaye G. Rowley, Fumiko Umezawa, Yamamoto Yoshitaka, Hashimoto Yuta. In addition, our group includes post-docs, PhD students from the Tokyo area, and visiting scholars from foreign universities who join on a regular basis.


Goals of Project:

The ICC unit, which was initiated in 2010 (please see Network studies HP), analyzes cross-cultural networks. What began as a small project around the network of an individual living around 1800 has now become a far-flung web of 8000 persons.

In 2018, the project made great process in terms of improvement of the database and user-friendliness. Since April 2018 the database is open access that allows to search and visualize the results. We also have students use and add to the database various sets of data for their own research. In the next few years, the aim is to make this available to a larger group of researchers and students interested in biographical data of Japan.

Currently, following projects are joining ours:

  • Interdisciplinary International Research on the Origin and Development of Antiquarianism and Evidence-based Scholarship in the Late Tokugawa Period

  • Creative Collaborations: Salons and Networks in Kyoto and Osaka 1780-1880

  • Japans Studierende an deutschen Universitäten

  • History of Sophia University

  • Europe and Japan in the Early Modern Period (1549-1640)

  • 近世中後期上方文壇人的交流データベース

Project website: JBDB-日本の人名データベース

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