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IMDS Business Series Bulletin

Business Series Bulletin (1960 - 1995)
Editor: Robert J. Ballon

No. 1

Sakurabayashi, Makoto. Labor Unions in Postwar Japan. 1960.

No. 2

Ballon, Robert J. The Japanese Labor Movement, 1957-1960. 1961.

No. 3

Sakurabayashi, Makoto, and Robert J. Ballon. Personnel Administration in Modern Japan−Historical Perspective. 1962.

No. 4

Ballon, Robert J. The Japanese Labor Movement, 1961. 1962.

No. 5

Sakurabayashi, Makoto, and Etsuro Nagasawa. Interfirm Wage Differentials in Postwar Japan. 1962.

No. 6

Sagrista, Antonio. Origin and Evolution of Japan's Social Security−Pre-World War II Period. 1964.

No. 7

Sagrista, Antonio. The Growth of the Social Security Structure in Postwar Japan. 1964.

No. 8

Brown, William H. Management: The Japanese Way (An Essay). 1965.

No. 9

Ballon, Robert J. Labor Relations in Postwar Japan−An Essay at Interpretation. 1966.

No. 10

Sakurabayashi, Makoto. Interfirm Wage Differentials in Present-Day Japan−Theoretical Framework. 1966.

No. 11

Ballon, Robert J. Japan's Life-Time Salary System. 1966. Revised as No. 16.

No. 12

Terasawa, Yoshio. Pension Plans in Japan. 1966.

No. 13

Glazer, Herbert. Development of Japanese Business Executives in Foreign Firms. 1966.

No. 14

Ballon, Robert J., Makoto Sakurabayashi, and Ichiro Tsunekawa. Wage Survey of Blue-Collar Workers. 1967.

No. 15

Shinoda, Yujiro. Japan's Management Associations. 1967. Revised as No. 43.

No. 16

Ballon, Robert J. Japan's Lifelong Remuneration System. 1968.

No. 17

Ballon, Robert J., ed. Employment, Wages and Labor Organization in Japan−Statistical Data.1968.

No. 18

Isomura, Motoshi. Private Pension Plans in Japan. 1968. Revised as No. 38.

No. 19

Sakurabayashi, Makoto. Japan's Enterprise Unionism and Wage Increases. 1968.

No. 20

Hanami, Tadashi. Labor Disputes and Their Settlement in Japan. 1969.

No. 21

Ballon, Robert J., and Hideo Inohara. Japanese Labor Terms. 1970. Revised as Nos. 45, 46, 47.

No. 22

Sakurabayashi, Makoto. Japanese Salary System: Grade System for Clerical Employees (Case Study). 1970.

No. 23

Glazer, Herbert. Japan's Marketing Structure. 1970.

No. 24

Amaya, Naohiro. The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). 1970.

No. 25

Glazer, Herbert. International Marketing in Japan−With Special Reference to the U.S. 1970.

No. 26

Kobayashi, Yotaro. Sales Compensation System−The Case of an Office Equipment Company. 1971.

No. 27

Ballon , Robert J. Top Executive and Company Presidents in Japan−I. Function and Personality. 1971.

No. 28

Ballon, Robert J. Top Executives and Company Presidents in Japan−II. Remuneration. 1971.

No. 29

Inohara, Hideo. Personnel and Wage Administration for the Promotion of Efficiency (Case Study: CANON Co.). 1971.

No. 30

Vaughan, Francis T. Joint Venturing in Japan. 1971.

No. 31

Weber, David C. The Labor-Union Problem of a Small Firm (Case Study: YAMAMOTO K. K.). 1971.

No. 32

Teraoka, T.W.M. The Joint Venture in Japan (Accounting Aspects). 1971.

No. 33

Kennedy, Terrence C. Investment Decision by a Toy Trader (Case: MASUDAYA SAITOH BOEKI K. K.). 1972.

No. 34

Okada, Akihisa. Subcontracting Blue-Collar Workers (Case: THE NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION, Nagoya Works). 1972.

No. 35

Inohara, Hideo. Importing Managerial Techniques (Case: The Zero Defect Movement). 1972.

No. 36

Yamamoto, Yuichi. From Joint Venture to Branch and Transfer of Personnel (Case Study BOWER MACHINERY LTD., Japan Branch). 1972.

No. 37

Guy, Stanley. Growth of a Family Enterprise in Japan (Case Study: HARVEY ELECTRIC, LTD.). 1972.

No. 38

Murakami, Kiyoshi. Retirement Benefits and Pension Plans in Japan. 1972. Revised as No. 62.

No. 39

Hagiwara, Hiroshi. Japan's Stock Market. 1972. Revised as No. 75.

No. 40

Ballon, Robert J., and Makoto Sakurabayashi. Japan's "Basic Salary." 1972. Revised as No. 55.

No. 41

Davis, Paul A. Administrative Guidance in Japan−Legal Considerations. 1972.

No. 42

Inohara, Hideo. Shukko: Loan of Personnel in Japanese Industry. 1972.

No. 43

Shinoda, Yujiro. Economic Organizations and Business Leaders in Postwar Japan. 1973.

No. 44

Ballon, Robert J., and Hideo Inohara. Shunto: The Annual Spring Wage Offensive. 1973.

No. 45

Ballon, Robert J., and Hideo Inohara. Business Glossary−I. The Japanese Enterprise. 1973.

No. 46

Ballon, Robert J., and Hideo Inohara. Business Glossary−II. Employment in Japan. 1973.

No. 47

Ballon, Robert J., and Hideo Inohara. Business Glossary−III. Wage Administration and Collective Bargaining. 1973.

No. 48

Ballon, Robert J. Japanese-Like Industrial Relations. 1973.

No. 49

Fukui, Tomio. Labor-Management Relations and the Law in Japan−I. Labor Legislation and the Employment Relationship. 1973.

No. 50

Fukui, Tomio. Labor-Management Relations and the Law in Japan−II. Acts of Dispute. 1973.

No. 51

Fukui, Tomio. Labor-Management Relations and the Law in Japan−III. Dismissal. 1973.

No. 52

Kobayashi, Yotaro. Expectations and Counter-Expectations in Joint Ventures in Japan. 1973.

No. 53

Locke, Mary. Liberalization and Foreign Investment−The Case of Japan. 1974.

No. 54

Bonds, William P. Corporate Bankruptcy in Japan (1965-1974). 1974.

No. 55

Ballon, Robert J. Japan's Salary System: The Basic Salary. 1975.

No. 56

Inohara, Hideo. Japanese Middle Management. 1975.

No. 57

Ballon, Robert J. Japan's Salary System: The Bonus. 1977.

No. 58

Ballon, Robert J., and Hideo Inohara. Japan's Salary System: Monthly Allowances. 1977.

No. 59

McFarlane, Christopher D. The Role of the Foreign Bank in Japan. 1976.

No. 60

Ballon, Robert J., and Hideo Inohara. Japan's Salary System: The Retirement Benefit. 1976.

No. 61

McFarlane, Christopher D. Corporate Financing in Japan: Hitachi's Convertible Debentures, 1969. 1976.

No. 62

Murakami, Kiyoshi. Retirement Benefits and Pension Plans in Japan. 1976. Revised as No. 73.

No. 63

Inohara, Hideo. The Personnel Department in Japanese Companies. 1977. Revised as No. 104.

No. 64

French, John S. The Seibu-Sears Experience. New Retail Merchandising in Japan. 1977.

No. 65

Hattori, Ichiro. Corporate Structure and Decision Making in Japan. 1977.

No. 66

Kobayashi, Yotaro. Growth of a Joint Venture−Effort to Internationalize (Case Study). 1977.

No. 67

Kluge, Holger. Financial Reporting in Japan (Case Study). 1977.

No. 68

McFatridge, Joe. Fujitsu in Spain: Technology and Tradition. 1977.

No. 69

Rummel, Sherrie A. Personnel Practices in the Foreign Branch Office in Japan (Case Study). 1977.

No. 70

Jacobs, Paul V. The Workings of an Industry: Auto Parts in Japan. 1978.

No. 71

Daty, Michael. Foreign Product in Japan: Household Tissue Paper. 1978.

No. 72

Inohara, Hideo. Innovation in Personnel Administration: Isetan Department Store. 1979.

No. 73

Murakami, Kiyoshi. Retirement Benefits and Pension Plans in Japan. 1979. Revised as No. 79.

No. 74

Ballon, Robert J. Promotion of Personnel in Japan. 1979.

No. 75

Terasawa, Yoshio. Japan's Securities Market. 1980.

No. 76

D'Orazio, Nancy J. Executive Bilingual Secretaries in Foreign Firms. 1980.

No. 77

Kamiya, Mitsugi. Japan's Rural Market. 1980.

No. 78

Yum, Anthony W. K. Overseas Chinese Business in Japan. 1981.

No. 79

Murakami, Kiyoshi. Retirement Benefits and Pension Plans in Japan. 1981. Revised as No. 90.

No. 80

Ballon, Robert J. Salaries in Japan: The System. 1981. Revised as No. 91.

No. 81

Kobayashi, Yotaro. Quality Control in Japan: The Case of Fuji Xerox. 1981.

No. 82

D'Orazio, Nancy J. Foreign Executives' Wives in Tokyo. 1981.

No. 83

Gregory, Gene. The Japanese Electronics Industry. 1981.

No. 84

Sakurai, Kiyohiko. Developing Human Resources Overseas: IHI in Singapore. 1982.

No. 85

Seki, Takao. Selling a Foreign Product in Japan: Cancer Insurance. 1982.

No. 86

Gregory, Gene. The Japanese Propensity for Innovation: Electronics. 1982.

No. 87

Hara, Reinosuke. Management of R&D in Japan. 1982.

No. 88

Goto, Fusako, and Hideo Inohara. From Salary to Quality of Working Life: Case: Seibu Department Stores. 1982.

No. 89

Inohara, Hideo. Japanese Subsidiaries in Europe: Promotion of Local Personnel Survey Report. 1982.

No. 90

Murakami, Kiyoshi. Retirement Benefits and Pension Plans in Japan. 1982. Revised as No. 102.

No. 91

Ballon, Robert J. Salaries in Japan: The System. 1982. Revised as No. 100.

No. 92

Gregory, Gene. The Logic of Japanese Enterprise. 1982.

No. 93

Ballon, Robert J. Industrial Relations in Japan. 1983. Revised as No. 107.

No. 94

Pauli, Gunter A. International Marketing: The Importance of Image in Japan. 1983.

No. 95

Oda, Masahiko. Compensation and Promotion: The Plight of Middle Managers. 1983.

No. 96

Coutant, Jerome. Long-Term Personnel Policy in Foreign Firms: Bank Survey. 1984.

No. 97

Ballon, Robert J. Recruiting Japanese Managers. 1984.

No. 98

Hupperts, Isabelle. "Corporate Identity" in Japan. 1985.

No. 99

Mushakoji, Kinhisa. The Process of Internationalization: Asahi Glass Company, Ltd. 1985.

No. 100

Ballon, Robert J. Salary Administration in Japan−"Regular" Workforce. 1985. Revised as No. 120.

No. 101

Takahashi, Peggy K. Japan: Implementation versus Decision−An Organic Approach. 1985.

No. 102

Murakami, Kiyoshi. Retirement Benefits and Pension Plans in Japan. 1985. Revised as No. 118.

No. 103

Miyai, Jinnosuke. On Being a Japanese Manager in a Foreign Firm. 1985.

No. 104

Inohara, Hideo. The Japanese Personnel Department: Structure and Functions. 1985. Revised as No. 131.

No. 105

Ballon, Robert J. The Business Contract in Japan. 1985. Revised as No. 122.

No. 106

Turpin, Dominique V. Japan's Small High-Tech Enterprise and Venture Capital. 1986.

No. 107

Ballon, Robert J. Labor-Management Relations in Japan. 1986.

No. 108

Inohara, Hideo. Personnel Administration in Japan: The Case of Canon Corporation. 1986.

No. 109

Petach, Susan Kingston. Corporate Bankruptcy in Japan: Riccar Co., Ltd. 1986.

No. 110

Ohkubo, Tasuku. China and Japan−Financial Aspects. 1986.

No. 111

Hilb, Martin. Japanese and American Multinational Companies: Business Strategies. 1986.

No. 112

Stewart, Brian. Corporate Insolvency in Japan: Sanko Steamship Co., Ltd. 1986.

No. 113

Nakamura, Mari. Japan's Ubiquitous Promissory Note. 1987.

No. 114

Glazer, Herbert. Japanese High Technology: Questions and Answers. 1987.

No. 115

Kobayashi, Setsuya. Contract and Relationship in Japan's Public Sector. 1987.

No. 116

Lein, Filip M. Department Stores in Japan. 1987.

No. 117

Ballon, Robert J. Japanese Decision-Making: A Circular Process. 1988. Revised as No. 132.

No. 118

Murakami, Kiyoshi. Retirement Benefits and Pension Plans in Japan. 1988. Revised as No. 135.

No. 119

Gregory, Gene. The Canon Production System: Getting the Bottom Line Right. 1988.

No. 120

Ballon, Robert J. Japan's Salary System. 1988. Revised as No. 133.

No. 121

Nishimura, Toshiro. Corporate Acquisitions in Japan. 1988.

No. 122

Ballon, Robert J. Business Contracts in Japan. 1988.

No. 123

Glazer, Herbert. Chodendo: The Japanese Super-conductivity Business. 1989.

No. 124

Chock Simon, Roxane. The Japan OTC: A Forgotten Market. 1989.

No. 125

Lacktorin, Michael J. Foreign Direct Investment in Japan: The Long-term Strategy for the Japanese Market. 1989.

No. 126

Graves, Stephen. Corporate Flexibility in Japan. 1989.

No. 127

Ballon, Robert J. The Subcontracting System: Challenge to Foreign Firms. 1989.

No. 128

Inohara, Hideo. Personnel Appraisal in Japanese Companies. 1990.

No. 129

Lacktorin, Michael J. Transnationalism: Fitting Japan into Your Transnational Strategy. 1990.

No. 130

Ballon, Robert J. Management Careers in Japan and the Foreign Firm. 1990.

No. 131

Inohara, Hideo. The Japanese Personnel Department: Structure and Functions. 1990.

No. 132

Ballon, Robert J. Decision Making in Japanese Industry. 1990.

No. 133

Ballon, Robert J. The Salary System and Foreign Firms. 1990. Revised as Nos. 144 & 145.

No. 134

Glazer, Herbert. Corporate Research Laboratories in Japan. 1991.

No. 135

Murakami, Kiyoshi. Retirement Benefits and Pension Plans in Japan. 1991.

No. 136

Makino, Shojiro. A Foreign Supplier in Japan. 1991.

No. 137

Ballon, Robert J. Buyer-Supplier in Japan: The Strategic Alliance. 1992.

No. 138

Henry, E. Keith. Shogai Katsudo (External Relations) and the Foreign Firm. 1992.

No. 139

Kinias, Constantin, and Izumi Omori. Foreign Product Strategy: The Case of BMW. 1993.

No. 140

Debroux, Philippe. The Foreign Employer in Japan. 1993.

No. 141

Ballon, Robert J. Employee Performance in Japan: Evaluation and Reward. 1993.

No. 142

Watson, Andrew. Market Reform and Agricultural Development in China. 1994.

No. 143

Freire, Adriano. Japanese Investment Anticipates Europe 1993−Focus on Spain and Portugal. 1995.

No. 144

Ballon, Robert J. "Regular" Employment in Japan and the Foreign Firm. 1995.

No. 145

Ballon, Robert J. Japan's "Regular" Salaries and the Foreign Firm. 1995.

Photocopies of articles available upon request .

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