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A Symposium about Syrians in Japan

Workshop Series “Insider Perspectives: Scholars Investigating their Own Cultural Milieu in Japan” organized by Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture Collaborative Research Unit Refugees and Migrants in Tokyo: An Oral Narrative Approach.

Date: July 21, 2024
Time: 14:00-16:30
Place: Sophia University, Yotsuya Campus,
bldg. 10, room 301
In person only
Please register from HERE:

For detailed program, click HERE

Thirteen years have passed since the beginning of the popular uprising, armed conflict, and mass displacement in Syria. Twelve million Syrians, half of the country’s population, are either internally displaced or have become refugees around the world, which makes it one of the worst mass displacement crises in our modern history. Despite having a rigid refugee system, being far from the Middle East, and being an unpopular destination for Middle Eastern migrants, hundreds of Syrians came to Japan after 2011. According to official statistics, there were only 150 Syrian residents in Japan by 2010, but the number had increased to 1,312 by the end of 2023.The symposium introduces the Syrian culture, the reasons for Syrians to resettle in Japan, their legal treatment by the Japanese authorities, socioeconomic activities, social contributions, the ongoing integration process, higher education, and future aspirations.


Welcome to the workshop Series “Insider Perspectives: Scholars Investigating their Own Cultural Milieu in Japan”

David Slater - Sophia University


Beyond identity politics in Syria: Social identities and intergroup interactions

Dania Alakkad - Hiroshima University


Exploring Syrian Migration to Japan: Motivations and Realities

Yahya Aoyagi (Almasri) - University of Hyogo


Empowering Through Education: Analyzing Japan's Complementary Pathways for Refugee resettlement and integration

Suzan Husseini - Waseda University


From destination to transit stop: Syrian refugees revising their dreams in Japan

Mohammed Al-Masri - Waseda University

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