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Challenges to Taiwan's Defense: Implications for Japan and Japan-Taiwan Relations

Paul Huang

Research Fellow, Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation / Visiting Fellow, Fairbank Center, Harvard University

Wednesday 18 October 2023, 17:00-18:30 (JST)

Event format: Hybrid

In Person: Room 103, 1F, Building 13, Sophia University

On zoom:

Meeting ID: 991 0316 9626

Passcode: 931412

How to defend Taiwan amidst rising cross-strait tension with China? What are the implications for Japan, its security, and its relations to both China and Taiwan? Paul Huang, a veteran Taiwanese journalist and a researcher on security issues will give a presentation introducing the current debates and his perspective on the challenges facing both Taiwan and Japan, and what could be done to address the rising risk of war in the region.

Paul Huang is an independent journalist who writes on politics, security, and the risk of war across the Taiwan Strait. He often appears in international media as a Taiwan political and security analyst. His writing concerning the deficiencies of Taiwan’s military and defense preparedness have been widely cited.

This event is co-hosted by Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture and the Institute of International Relations

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