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Fuses and Structureleading to “Gaza”: An introduction to the Question of Palestine


June 28, 2024

Room L-821, 8F, Library, Sophia University

In person only

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t is sometimes said that the Palestinian-Israeli issue is “too complicated and difficult to understand”. In line with this perception, it has become commonplace to talk about the issue in simple dichotomies and to largely discard the historical context. These discourses, however, are a major threat to the oppressed people, global civil society, and the concept of universal justice.

This issue must be examined not from the perspective of partisan sentiments, but from the perspective of the results of empirical historical research, bias-aware political assessment, and universal justice and equity embodied in international law and other instruments. From this standpoint, this talk will not be a detailed commentary on the ever-changing situation, but rather a review of the significant historical background and the characteristics of the oppressive and asymmetrical political structures that have remained unchanged.

Hani Abdelhadi is a Palestinian-Japanese researcher born in Japan. Senior Assistant Professor at Meiji University. Ph.D. in Media and Governance (Keio University, 2021). He studies the Question of Palestine from several aspects: proposed solutions and their feasibility, origins of Palestinian nationalism (al-waṭanīya al-filasṭīnīya) and its development within political discourses, and political thought in the Islamic jurisprudence. His publication includes ‘The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict in Islamic Law,’ ‘The Impasse on Solutions for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,’ and others.

This talk is organized by Tina Burrett (Professor of Political Science, Sophia University).


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