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“Mark-A Call to Action”

Film Showing and Discussion

2 pm to 5 pm / Sunday, Feb 25, 2024 

Room 401, 4F, Building 2, Sophia University 

In person ONLY

Registration from the QR code on the flyer recommended but not necessary. 


Ron Small (Filmmaker),

Nagase Osamu (Ritsumeikan University)

Paul Bookman 

The documentary “Mark – A Call to Action” shares Dr. Mark Bookman's story and how his tireless efforts helped raise awareness and positively impacted the lives of not only disabled persons, but also children, seniors and vulnerable populations in the United States, Japan and other countries around the world. Our hope with this documentary is to carry on Mark’s legacy and spark conversations about the ways in which architects, engineers, educators, policy makers, activists and others interested in making a difference – can help improve access and build environments that enhance the lives of the millions living with disabilities. The goal is to create a platform for disabled university students to apply for the opportunity to receive scholarships to travel and further their education – which in turn will help motivate them to share ideas, affect change and raise awareness of their community throughout the world. 


Dr. Paul K. Bookman, Mark Bookman’s father, is a dentist practicing in the Philadelphia suburbs of the United States. He has been practicing in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania since 1987. With the formation of the GLIDE Fund, established by his son Mark, he is now carrying on the disability advocacy work of his son and daughter by making sure that the GLIDE Fund grows internationally. 


Osamu Nagase works for Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto as a Professor and is a long-time advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. He is the former Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific (2004-2016). During this term he promoted self-advocacy, with a special focus on the less developed areas. He was awarded Honorary life membership in 2016 for his valuable contribution.  


Ron Small is a director, producer, and actor from New Orleans. Through Ron’s existing strategic alliances his library of documentaries and special interest programs can be found on domestic U.S. broadcast television; International television and in virtually all digital platforms, major retailers, national catalogs and print media venues throughout the world. Ron was awarded an Emmy for Best Director in 2021. 


This event was organized by David H. Slater (Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Sophia University). 

URL to Mark’s article at Asia Pacific Journal: 


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