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Video of the Future of Eating Out Series, A conversation with "Smartbox" is now available

"European Restaurant Marketing in a Time of Crisis: a Conversation with Smartbox"

The European restaurant market has been heavily impacted by COVID, inflation, the war in Ukraine, and other interrelated factors. As part of the webcast series on "The Future of Eating Out" sociologists James Farrer and Krishnendu Ray will be interviewing the team members of Smartbox Group, a European company specializing in promoting hospitality experiences as gifts. Focusing on the European restaurant market, the conversation will explore this new model for marketing restaurants and the challenges in different European countries. Europe is one of the largest and most developed gastronomical markets in the world, and we will be touching on issues that affect the industry as a whole, as well as new technology-driven trends in restaurant marketing. 


Deborah Van Looy (Account Manager Netherlands) 

Emiliana De Luca (Account Manager Italy) 

Giulia Azzarello   (Account Manager Italy) 

Guillaume Jollivet (Business Development Manager France) 

Leonardo Adoni (Business Development Manager Italy) 

Roberta Ringhieri (Key Account Business Development Manager Italy) 

Recorded on October 5th, 2022

Link to the Video on YouTube:


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