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ICC Working Paper Series

Working papers are preliminary versions of papers circulated on a limited basis for information and discussion. They have not undergone a through editorial or refereeing process and should not be quoted or reproduced without the written concent of the author(s). Comments and suggestions are welcome and should be directed to the author(s).

Available online

No. 7: History of Religions
February 2013

N. Frances HIOKI

Silent Dialogue and "Teaism"
A New Perspective on European Missionaries' Experiences of the Way of Tea 茶道 in Late Sixteenth-Century Japan

Available online

No. 6: Political Science
September 2009

Emmanouil Tsatsanis

Global Insecurities and Nationalism in Advanced Industrialized Societies: Evidence from Japan and the United States

No. 5: International Business and Economics
September 2007
(Available in print only)

Ding Lu

The Impact of China's Rising Trading Power on Japanese Industries

No. 4: International Business and Economics
July 2005
(Available in print only)

Emmanuel J. Cheron and Rodi C. Pau

Japanese Consumer Perception of Western Models in Advertising Local Traditional Products

No. 3: International Business and Economics
September 2003
(Available in print only)

Yoshitaka Okada

Decline of the Japanese Semiconductor Industry: Institutional Restrictions and Disintegrated Techno-Governance

No. 2: International Business and Economics
February 2003
(Available in print only)

Richard A. Werner


Post-Crisis Banking Sector Reform and Its Impact on the Macroeconomy


No. 1: International Business and Economics
December 2002
(Available in print only)

Emmanuel Cheron, Ikuo Takahashi, Yutaka Hamaoka and Chang-Ho Oh

Antecedents, Consequences and Mediating Roles of Trust in Relationships between Buyers and Suppliers: A Comparison among North America, Japan and South Korea

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