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Savoring Wisdom: Exploring the philosophical foundations of a slow gastronomy

Maddalena Borsato

June 14, 2023, From 17:30 to 19:00

Room 301, 3F, Building 10, Sophia University

In-person only / No prior registration required

The Slow Food movement emerged as a response to the fast-paced and homogenized food culture that permeates modern society. At its core, the movement upholds the principles of “Good, Clean, and Fair”, which were developed by its founder, Carlo Petrini, as a transformative approach to gastronomy and food. Good emphasizes a reimagined gustatory aesthetics, placing importance on savoring flavors and revaluing the pleasure and quality of food. Clean and Fair serve as the ethical dimensions of this aesthetic engagement. Clean focuses on promoting sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices, while Fair highlights the need for social justice and equity in the food system. This lecture delves into the philosophical foundations underlying this movement, showcasing its paradigm shift towards a more holistic and mindful understanding of food and the urgence of an aesthetic foundation for our ethical principles.

Maddalena Borsato is Senior Researcher in the R-GIRO project at Ritsumeikan University (Kyoto) within the Faculty of Gastronomy Management. She obtained her Ph.D. in Ecogastronomy, Education, and Society from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo (Italy), focusing on the Philosophy and Aesthetics of sweet taste. She has published a book in Italian titled “Il dolce. Una relazione estetica” (2023) on this topic. Her research interests encompass gustatory aesthetics, embodied knowledge, eating disorders, and the intersection of cooking and pastry with art and design. Pastry chef since 2014, she has promoted the political role of food as a means of self-determination and empowerment, collaborating with some women’s cooperatives.

This talk is organized by Akiko Frischhut (Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Sophia University) for the Sophia Food Studies: Mobilities, Sustainability and Ethics project.


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