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2022年1月29日:The Future of Eating Out Lecture Series Inaugural Dialogue

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

A Transnational Dialogue with Prof. Krishnendu Ray

Discussion 8-9 p.m. US Eastern Standard Time: January 28 (Friday)

Discussion 9-10 a.m. Japan Standard Time: January 29 (Saturday)

Q and A session following the discussion

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The COVID pandemic is a rolling global crisis for eateries, large and small, and we are only beginning to understand the scope and consequences of this crisis. Most of the discussion of COVID and the food business has been conducted on a national or local scale. In the inaugural event in this series, Krishnendu Ray, Professor of Food Studies at New York University, will give us his perspective on how this crisis is playing out in various contexts around the world, ranging from the United States to India. He will discuss how restaurateurs, home chefs, delivery workers and street vendors are coping with COVID in New York and New Delhi. This discussion will be moderated by James Farrer of Sophia University.

Krishnendu Ray is Professor of Food Studies at New York University. A food studies scholar, he is the author of The Migrant’s Table: Meals and Memories in Bengali-American Households (Temple University, 2004). He co-edited (with Tulasi Srinivas) Curried Cultures: Globalization, Food and South Asia (University of California Press, 2012). His most recent monograph is The Ethnic Restaurateur(Bloomsbury 2016).

James Farrer is Professor of Sociology at Sophia University. He is Director of the Graduate Program in Global Studies at Sophia University and is editor of Globalization and Asian Cuisines: Transnational Networks and Contact Zones(Palgrave Macmillan 2015) and co-editor of The Global Japanese Restaurant: Mobilities, Imaginaries and Politics (University of Hawai’i Press, forthcoming).


The Future of Eating Out Lecture Series (Series name changed from the Future of the Restaurant)

Buffeted by COVID, climate change, labor shortages, and other stressors, the food and beverage industry around the world is in crisis and transition. How are practices of eating out changing? Where are restaurants, street vendors and other eateries headed? This is a series of lectures and dialogues with leaders in food researchers and practitioners to see where the global business of eating out is headed during and after the COVID-19 crisis. Looking at eateries on different scales from gourmet restaurants to street vendors, we hope to gain insights that can be shared across national and local contexts.  This online lecture series is organized by the Global Food Project of the Institute of Comparative Culture at Sophia University and the New York University Nutrition and Food Studies, with funding from Sophia University. Lectures will be held on zoom and made available to interested viewers around the world.


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